LSfM conference achievement awards

The LSfM award is a personal merit-based conference award based on a lump sum of 250 EUR.

Besides the completed application form, a copy of the conference attendance certificate, the PDF of the presented poster or presentation (if applicable), a CV of maximum 2 pages and a personal report (1 page) about the attended microbiology conference (if possible with a photo) will be asked for.

No cost statement or receipt is required.

Who can apply?

Young researchers (PhD students and Postdocs with a maximum of 5 years experience after PhD completion) who are members of the LSfM and who have a link to Luxembourg.

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Application, deadline and decision

The application form “LSfM conference award – application form” has to be completed and signed (please download the form below). The deadline for application is April 25th 2022 for conferences that took place in 2020-2021..

On submitting their application (email to, applicants agree to the full acceptance of the rules and to the decision taken by the LSfM.

The selection criteria are based on the active and successful role of the candidates during the conference, their CV and the conference report. The grantees will be announced by LSfM at the 5th Luxembourg Microbiology Day taking place on May 12th, 2022.