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within the Luxembourg Society for Microbiology

We seek to group all the actors dealing either directly or indirectly with microorganisms in their professional life or leisure activities:

  • Universities and research institutions working in the various domains of fundamental or applied microbiology, e.g. within the fields of biomedicine, environmental health, the water cycle, anaerobic digester, biobanking, epidemiology and infectious diseases,…
  • Governmental administrations such as the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Higher Education and Research, the Ministry of the Environment and Sustainable Development, the Ministry of Agriculture, the Water Management Agency, the National Research Fund, innovation agencies, etc.
  • Public and private clinical diagnostic laboratories
  • Veterinaries
  • Wastewater and drinking water treatment plants and syndicates
  • Industries and private companies, such as breweries, dairy, biogas producers
  • Service providers
  • Students
  • Teachers and associations
  • Every single person interested by microorganisms.

To become a member of the LUXEMBOURG SOCIETY FOR MICROBIOLOGY or renew a current membership, please select one of the options below:

15€ / year
30€ / year