12 May 2022


Luxembourg Institute of Science and Techonology (LIST) - 41, rue du Brill, L-4422 Belvaux


Welcome coffee for participants
Opening speech by LSfM’s President, Prof. Paul WILMES Keynote presentation by Prof. Dag HARMSEN, Universitätsklinikum Münster, Germany, “The Holy Grail of Microbial Genomic Surveillance: Automated Transmission Detection of Plasmids and MGEs with AMRs”
Coffee break
3 selected presentations by PhD students in microbiology • Perrine Florent, LIST: Characterisation of known DNA-bacteriophage populations in soils of forest and grasslands in Luxembourg • Bianca Brandus, LIH: Development of immunotherapeutic complexes that elicit complement activation towards multidrug-resistant Pseudomonas aeruginosa • Eleftheria Charalambous, LIH: Early like adversity imprints the oral microbiome and metabolome, mediating the long-term immunophenotype
6th ordinary General Assembly of the LSfM
Lunch break & Poster session
Keynote presentation by Prof. Christine MOISSL-EICHINGER, Medizinische Universität Graz, Austria, “The Human Archaeome”
5 selected presentations by post-doc fellows in microbiology • Velma Aho, LCSB: Multi-omics of Gut Microbes in Parkinson’s Disease Suggest a Role for Archaea • Susheel Busi, LCSB: (Anti-)microbial warfare in glacier-fed streams • Laura de Nies, LCSB: Antimicrobial resistance in a One Health Context • Eveline Santos da Silva, LIH: Development and Validation of neutralization assays to predict protection against the main SARS-CoV-2 variants • Francesco Delogu, LCSB: Forecasting of a complex microbial community using metaomics
Coffee break & Poster session
Presentation by Dr Joanna BOREK-DONTEN (Molecular Plasma Group, Luxembourg) and Dr Henry-Michel CAUCHIE (LIST, Luxembourg), “Industrial process for virucidal plasma coatings on textiles: from idea to upscaling”
Keynote presentation by Dr Joël MOSSONG, Health Directorate Luxembourg, “Covid-19 in Luxembourg: insights from epidemiological surveillance in schools and nursing homes”
Award ceremony for the best oral communications (2 prizes of 250€ each) and conference achievement awards (250€ each) Closing of the 5th Luxembourg Microbiology Day

guidelines for attending the 5th lmd

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guidelines for abstract submission

The deadline for abstract submission for student and post-doc oral presentations is April 27th 2022.

Abstracts must be submitted to secretary@microbiology.lu, by using the form here: https://www.dropbox.com/scl/fi/0q2ww1iehj1f1rah2p302/LMD2022_AbstractSubmissionForm_VF.doc?dl=0&rlkey=dp0t5tn8p90h77v503kcpmpcd

A selection committee will communicate the accepted oral presentations by May 2nd 2022.

download the 5th lmd final programme (pdf format)